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The company GEOCAD-93 was established in January 1993. The owner of the company is Eng. Zlatan Zlatanov.

   In the beginning, the company focused on reinstating land owners in their possessions. By 1995, plans for land division in 6 villages in the region of Targovishte were made. Since 1995 GEOCAD-93 began to work primarily with architectural offices and construction companies, surveying parcels for projects for vertical planning and staking out of parcel limits and buildings. Since 2004 the company has drawn more than 29,000 such sites.

   Under contracts with the Capital Municipality the company GEOCAD-93 has drawn and continues to draw vertical alignment projects of a large number of regulatory plans in the territory of Sofia. Thus the company established itself as one of the leading geodesic companies in the capital.

   After 2001, with the entry into force of the Law on Cadastre and Property Register, the company GEOCAD-93 is actively involved in the process of creating cadastral maps and registers. At present the company has established a cadastral map and cadastral registers of Dupnitsa, Dimitrovgrad, part of Pernik, part of Maritsa Municipality and Ovcha kupel - Sofia. Digitalization of Burgas is made; specialized maps for lay-out planning of part of Pleven, part of Gorna Banya and Suhodol have been created.

  A Photogrammetric department was established in the company GEOCAD-93 since 2004. It is equipped with 3 photogrammetric stations, based on the PHOTOMOD system, and a photogrammetric scanner Delta Scan 470.
   In 2010, the company created Laser scanning department equipped now with the newest model laser scanner Leica - Scanstation P20 and software for processing the data Leica Cyclone 8.0. Since the beginning of 2013 the department also has and a handheld scanner Artec EVA 3D and process software Artec Studio 9.0.

   GEOCAD-93 Ltd employs 40 engineers, surveyors and 20 technical assistants. All employees in the company are highly qualified, which is a prerequisite projects constructed by GEOCAD-93 to be of the highest quality. 

Video gallery with objects of the company: