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QuestionWhat is your working time with clients?
Answer: From Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 h and 13 to 18 pm
QuestionI want you to trace the boundaries of a plot. What is needed?
It is necessary to bring a copy of the updated sketch of your property. Within 2-3 days our team will come on site and will capture the existing fences. We will compare both the captured fences and the regulatory or cadastral plan. If the differences are about 20-30 cm, we accept as true property boundaries that are in place. Our team comes second time and places the stakes on border returns of your property.

QuestionDo you need my presence during the shooting?
It is only necessary on condition that without your presence can not be entered into the property.

QuestionHow long will it take you to do the tracing?
Usually the period is 2-3 days.

QuestionWhat documents are needed for plotting of a building and external links in the cadastral plan and issuance of Certificate on Art. 52- LCPR and how long does this procedure take?
Answer: The documents are: Sketch of the property, ownership document and a building permit, building projects, distribution of ground zero and external links and the situation of the projects. If there is a cadastral map and cadastral registers for the area where your property is located (if the building has separate units such as apartments, offices, shops, etc.) a copy of the entire architectural project is needed (if possible, a digital model also) and an area-defining table. The whole procedure takes about 3-4 weeks.
QuestionWhat should I do upon finding error in the cadastral basis of regulation plan?
Answer: To correct an error in the cadastral plan it is necessary a licensed by LCPR company to produce a SCETCH-PROJECT for amendment of the cadastral plan, and it should be deposited in the technical department of the municipality. The same procedure applies for the implementation of a reconstructed property within the planning scheme. 
QuestionUpon finding an error in recording the boundaries of my property in the active cadastral map what should I do?
Answer: To correct an error in the cadastral map it is necessary licensed under the Law on Cadastre and Land Registry (LCPR) company to produce a SCHETCH- PROJECT to change the CM and the CR. The project is deposited in the Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (SGCC) by the company for testing. After successfully completing the test, the owner or his authorized representative applies to SGCC for plotting of the property in the cadastral map and cadastral registers (CM and CR). The procedure ends with the Order of the Chief of SGCC to change the CM and the CR after notice to interested parties. The same procedure applies for application of reconstructed property. Time required is about 2-3 months.

QuestionTo trace the axes of a building in what format should the information be filed?
Answer: It is best the data for the building to be in a digital format. If there is not a digital model, then the architectural or construction plan can be used.  

QuestionWhat is the accuracy with which you make the tracing a property?
Answer: For cadastral plans, which are in scale 1:1000 M, the accuracy is about 20-30 cm, so the absolute accuracy in tracing can not exceed this value. The relative accuracy of the tracing is several centimeters.
QuestionWhat is necessary to calculate the volume of an excavation?
Answer: Two tachometric (topographical) images of the terrain are necessary - before starting excavation and after completion.
QuestionWhat should I do to have the right to put a fence on my own property?
You should receive an updated sketch of the property (sketch valid 6 months).
2. Contact a licensed company (in LCPR), which will outline your property on site and issue a paper on tracing (plot=tracing carnet, if it is a land plot or a layout sketch, if it is a land).
3. You should get permission for a fence from the technical service in your region.
QuestionWhat is the role of the geodesist when designing of a building?
1. Makes a topographic map of the property, shooting all terrain and situational details on site.
2. Gives the exact boundaries of the properties.
3. After the preparation of the design project he makes a Tracing plan of the building and a project for Vertical programming.